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Extremists, Radicals, And Non-Conformists
Extremists, Radicals, And Non-Conformists

In this refreshing book Roberts Liardon exhorts Christians everywhere not to be ashamed of the words: "EXTREMIST, RADICAL and NON-CONFORMIST"
  • When you step out of the realm of average Christianity into the fulness of your call, people will say all kinds of things about you.
  • You must develop an immunity to being labeled or you will shrink back from your divine appointed position.
  • It's not wrong to be called an extremist if you're going a little bit farther in faith, prayer and reaching souls for Jesus.
  • It's not wrong to be called a radical when you're given your all to God.
  • It's not wrong to be called a non-conformist when you're standing upon chapter and verse for your generation.
The next wave of reformers and revivalists will not be ashamed to be called Extremists, Radicals and Non-Conformists. They will not be afraid to be counted among the great men and women of God who where also called these things.

This book challenges you to be totally sold-out and radical for God! A book that will STIR you to action!

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