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Third Degree Burn
Third Degree Burn


What does it mean to be fervent? It means that you love God and live for Him with all your heart, your soul, your mind and your strength!

To live fervently, you must train yourself just like a runner trains for the Olympics. You have to train your body to cooperate when you're obeying God and you have to train your mind to flow with your spirit. It's important to keep your whole being together when you are operating int he realm of the Spirit because you can't be divided and accomplish significant things for God!

Living fervently causes a sense of joy and adventure! It brings new degrees of freedom because you're completely absorbed with God's will for your life.

In this powerful book Roberts Liardon reveals the secrets of living fervently and operating powerfully in the realm of the Spirit. You will learn how to:
  • Keep your spirit, soul and body functioning together in the arena of faith
  • Overcome life's distractions and receive answers to your prayers
  • Tap into the determination of God which resides in your inner man
  • Walk in victory over the flesh, the world and the devil
  • Burn hotter for God
The Bible says you're either hot or cold, in or out, right or wrong - you're either fervent or you're not! It's time to refocus! It's time to pray fervently, preach fervently and live fervently! It's time to get your spirit, soul and body in agreement and burn hotter for God!

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